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Ok so i was getting a PSP for my birthday ( this friday ) and i was going to buy an xbox 360 later on before halo 3 comes out and get that too. Heres the problem i just now figure out that i cant by a 360 becuase my parents think i dont need one, so i was like umm what the heck, then i figure out she already bought the psp, so she says she can return it and get a 360 which cost more so im gonna have to pay for most of it anyways, so heres the question with the obvious answer,

1. Get the 360 for my B-Day and mabey buy a PSP later or mabey not
2. Get a PSP for my B-Day and get a 360 after halo 3 comes out and possibly never get one.
3. Cry like a baby and mabey get both or go punch a pillow.
4. Do Nothing.

ok type what number you think i should choose and write a little stupid note why you think so.
well thanks but i think im probabally going have to go with the 360 becuase after playing GoW with my friends and stuff at their houses the chouces are pretty unlevel.
PSP= awesome for a handheld
I have a PSP and it's more or less just an .mp3 player for me. I have a few games but all I ever wind up playing is Poker, which is a waste of the system.

I say go 360.
well i know what you can do with your psp, buy god of war when it comes out for psp , which it is saw it at sony.com
The most game use my PSP got was when I installed homebrew on it to play old roms from SNES, NES and Genesis. I played it all the time then. But I had to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to ever play new games again. I went with the new games... Stupid me.
ok now i dont know what to do, i figured out my mom bought a gaurentee...umm thats how you spell it?, for the psp so she dosent know if she can return it XD , but if she can she still cant buy me a 360 for my B-Day becuase of the trip we are going on after school wooo, so i still have to sve up for it, and if she can return it i hae to save up for it anyways, and if she cant i dont know if she willl even let me get one, she said we are in quite the pickle heh so whatever ill just see what happens, just hope i get the zanzibar shirt i wanted from bungiestore. well good night everyone thats up and is reading this GO TO BED.
I would have to say 3.

I have personally played a PSP and they are pretty neat, but its worth it to get a 360.

Hands Down.

You can decied later if you want a PSP or not. But I would say go for the 360 if anything.

I sold my PSP its just not as great as the 360 or other console games. Youll get bored after a while. Get the 360 play halo3 then die.

Thats basically it.
Here's my idea:
Get the 360 BEFORE HALO 3 comes out. Then, maybe for Christmas or something, if you do celebrate that, ask for the PSP then if you still really want it.
OOOH Damien I hate when people like you buy copies of games when you dont have the system. Its people like you that take the last one that i cant seem to find anywhere!!

Guess I could just preorder it though.
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