my answer to get 360 or airsoft


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hmm, i got my 330 dollar Tokyo marui thompson before i got my xbox lol, till i realized i needed it they sell better guns ( the guns have to pass there test in order to be sold by them)

if you really like that model, go for it, but get some exp on how to open gearboxes so you can upgrade some of the weaker parts in the gun, the cheaper ones tend to break faster too


So you were going to get it regardless of what we said?

Anyway you really shouldnt get that, it does not seem like a trustworthy site. It may break, and you have no way to return.

Just choose something that is one shot firing or has a choice to do so. So you dont have to chew through bb's too quickly.
Like my shotgun I've got (Replaced that bad gun with) has 350 fps, makes a cool clanking noise when I rack the pump, and is like OMFG accurate.
I mean Hitting-cans-100yards away-accurate.

Just need a scope.


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I would definitely go with

I definitely trust them... I've bought several products from them, and no problems...


i thought i arleady said their was a realy cool airsoft store nearby my house, it has everything like chainguns, snipers, armour,aegs, firing chrono range to see if you like ze gun, good service,haha i was looking at a custom M4 and im like i wanna get it man its so kool, than some dude went up to me and said "o its worth $700 you wanna buy?" im like F NO in my head not out loud.


You should get a high powered sniper, spring one.
You know, the one thats been changed to have 600fps, with a scope, and amazing accuracy?
I would kill for one of those.

My shotgun is good enough though.


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Sniping for beginners isn't the best no offense. It might turn out you dont like it, I just don't advise it. But get a Tokyo marui weapon, and over time you can upgrade it to be the sick 700 dollar gun you saw.