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Ok....there is no Con called October Con that we could all attend......but I got your attention. This coming month of October marks the home-stretch of the cosplay season for 2019. I will of course be working on next years list and as always, if you guys hear of a con not listed, let me know so I can add it to out ever growing list.

So this coming month has some big and some intimate cons that we should all make an effort to try and get to. All the cons are broken down by Regiment to make things easier for you to find a con to attend. So here is what is coming up:

*** I will be posting on this thread again and again as a reminder (you will get sick of me, I promise) till months end. And don't forget to take pics and post. We all want to see and hear about your Con adventures!!***


(Yes I'm partial to the Colonial group so they go first......my list, precognitive so :p)

Name: NYComiCon
Location: New York, NY at the Jacob Javits Center
Date: Oct 3-6
Events: Comic Guests, Entertainment Guests, Literary Guests, Photo OPs, Autographing, Artists Alley, Panels & Screening, Charity Art Auction, Cosplay, Exhibitors, NYCC Eastern Championship of Cosplay

Name: RetroCon
Location: Oaks, PA
Date: October 13-14
Events: Raffle Prizes, Costume Contest, Guests, Comic Books, Karaoke Contest

Name: Baltimore Comicon
Date: Oct 18-20
Location: Baltimore, MD
Events: Guests, Photo OPs, Autographs, Vendors, Exhibitors, Dealers, Artists Alley, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest.

Name: DerpyCon
Date: Oct 25-27
Location: Morristown, NJ
Events: Anime Next Manga, Cosplay Hall Contests and Masquerade, Dance, Gaming, Karaoke, LARPing, Panels, Artists Alley, Dealers, Guests.


(I'm just going in the order in which I find each Reg in the Cons and Prop Parties Thread so relax.)

Name: EM-Con
Date: Oct 6
Location: Derby, UK
Events: We are bringing the magic of Sci-Fi and Fantasy to the Midlands! We're bringing together the best talent from television, comics, books and more just for you, and it promises to be great.

Name: Film & Comic Con Offenburg
Date: Oct 12-13
Location: Offenburg, Germany
Events: In the Offenburg fair you can expect great guests and a fantastic program for two days, which leaves nothing to be desired.
Meet your Hollywood and TV stars, dealers and exhibitors from all over Europe on these two eventful days, comic artists, Cosplayers and much, much more – there is no time for breaks!
Autograph sessions, workshops, panels, exhibitions, Photoshoots with the Stars, costume contest, cosplay zone, comic area, and much, much more.

Name: EGX
Date: Oct 17-20
Location: Birmingham, UK
Events: Console/PC and Tabletop Games, E-Sports, Panels, Q&As, Assorted Contests, Late Night Parties, Retro Gaming, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest.

Name: FACTs Heros
Date: Oct 19-20
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Events: In 2019, FACTS will once again be your Belgian Comic Con, the home of all things Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys, Sci-Fi, Games and Cosplay. With 31 successful editions behind us, we are even more keen on making the 32nd edition of FACTS, on April 6-7 2019, a true fandom festival. Meet the stars, watch cool contests and discover the special items you’ve always wanted. Come and join the biggest geeky family of the Benelux, with thousands of like-minded friends and hundreds of things to experience.


Sorry guys, nothing is listed in your area for the month.....or for the rest of the year even. I know that can't be true so I need a big push from all you guys to find me those Con that I can't find, and get back to me!!!


Name: Wasabi Con
Date: Oct 19-20
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Name: Fanaticon
Date: Oct 4-6
Location: Dothan, AL


You guys are taking the rest of the year off as well? What the hell.....I need a vacation!!!


Our newest Regiment is not stinting on next month at least......like other Regiments......

Name: Game Start Asia
Date: Oct 13-14
Location: Suntec Convention Center, Singapore
Events: Information Unavailable


Ok....signs of live in America......

Name: Archon 43
Date: Oct 4-6
Location: Collinsville, IL
Events: Panels, Charity Events, Children's Activities, Minatures, Filking, Games, Masquerade, Film Festival, Art Show and Auctions, Writer's Workshop, Reading Groups, Night Dancing, Hallway Costume Contest, Room Parties, Guest of Honor, Guest Stars, Artist Alley.

Name: Wizard World
Date: Oct 25-27
Location: Madison, WI
Events: Guests, Attractions, Programming, Comics, Exhibitors, Vendors, Artists Alley, Cosplay & Cosplay Contest.

(Sorry I missed this one guys.....my bad)
Name: Youmacon
Date: Oct 31- Nov 3
Location: Detroit, MI


Wow......these guys have been Con-less since April........ouch.......

Regimiento de Mexico:

Con-less since March........bigger ouch.......


Aussies are still flying their colors......oh sorry....colours........

Name: Madman Anime Festival
Date: Oct: 5-6
Location: Perth
Events: The event is a celebration of anime and Japanese culture, brought to you by Australia’s biggest name in anime, Madman Entertainment, together with Australia’s #1 anime streaming service AnimeLab. With exciting international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, live stage performances, pop-up shops, screenings, and exclusive anime events, Madman Anime Festival will have something for all fans!


Nothing....I am a bit surprised...... Winter is Coming?

1 found by PaiganBoi. Thank you.....now go find another!!!

Name: EGLX
Date: Oct 18-20
Location: Toronto, Canada
Events: ESport Tournaments, Celebrities, Cosplay, Speakers, Exhibitions, Sponsors, Panels, Family Zone, Artists Alley, Market Place, Game Developers, Workshops.


Air must be too thin up there this time of year for cons.........


Name: Anime Banzai
Date: Oct 18-20
Location: Layton, UT


............uh..............I got nothing............sorry.

So......several Regiments are Con-less this month.....and some even for the balance of the year.......there has to be little cons that I'm missing. Cons that don't promote on big web searches....or even post on-line at all .......We need to find those. So get busy guys!!!! Find us more Cons to attend and promote the hell out of them.......As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions......sorry, got carried away. Disregard the last statement. Good luck and happy building.
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Coming up in the local area we have some stuff that's going to be getting individual threads in the next week or so when we confirm a few things.

Jet City Comic Con
October 26th-27th
Tacoma WA

The Geek Retreat
October 11th-13th
Vancouver BC
This one is weird since it may or may not happen since it's a knee jerk community effort to save VCON from contract penalties since the con has been cancelled for the 2019 year so other convention organizers are banding together to use the space and make something fan based. Updates will follow as they appear.


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I dont know about the other places, but some of the florida guys are going to make it to wasabi con...



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I dont know about the other places, but some of the florida guys are going to make it to wasabi con...

This is what I'm talking about guys.......the cons are out there but I need the local help to find them all......got to get them all.......I feel like a Pokemon!!!

Sean Anwalt

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Anime Banzai

18-20 October, 2019
Davis Conference Center
1651 N. 700 W. Layton, Ut.

... looks like a convention accidentally wandered too close to me! Haha
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I know its not an October con....but it is this weekend so I can't wait.

Found you guys another Con just in time. Sioux Falls, South Dakota........this weekend is SiouxperCon. Sept 27-29 so get you butt plates in gear and go.......and don't forget to post pics and a Post -Con review.....we all want to hear your adventures and live vicariously through you.......that just means I need a life......so help a guy out......
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