Odst Armor Refrence Images, 56k... Just dont...


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ODST_Lt_Kennedy said:
Well if you havent already seen HALO 3-Combat: Part 1 then i suggest you see it. here are some lovely ODST Screen Shots for you if you want to see what our Hollywood boys can do


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Im just wondering for the facemask how do you make the plastic glass to bend accordingly to the mask of a ODST marine?


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Actually those ODST Armor was created by Weta Workshop in New Zealand and that where it was filmed. In case anybody doesn't already know. :whistle:


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i cant wait to start mine


i know ive asked a lot for certain pep armor parts apologies if i get annoying about it

thanks for the ref pics!

any one else using a real knife? lol


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i'll be adding a knife...i doubt it will be real, i'll probably get a real one then affix the sheath to the armour, then use the knife as a templete for a sintra knife, so it will fit in the sheath, then it'll look pretty good lol...any idea on where to pick up an odst lid...ive looked around (my custom helemt skills SUCK) the only place i can kinda see is westerfields, but they havnt released anything for them yet


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Hi everyone anyway i'm new to the armor making so i'm just wondering about how to make the Helmet and the torso section of the ODST armor. Currently i'm about finished up the Shoulder plates combining the H2 upper plate with the H3 lower plate making them out of FG and adding extra strength and durability with the use of plastic Auto body filler. I'm also wondering about the the size of the Gatling gun used in H3 if anyone has it already.



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here's the pics of what i've got done on my armor. These pics were taken before i finished up the left plate so don't give me a hard time over it. I'll get the whole set back on along with the shin pieces when i finish them. To tell you all the truth making this out of FG and bondo is a lot harder and longer to make but it's worth it.

I'll keep you all posted on the progress of this. Oh and sorry about the size of the pics the CPU i used doesn't have a photo editor to scale them down.



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hey doom, you got any rear views of the top of the arms race odsts?
i been looking for them all over the net and can't seem to find em
and hey, you just increased the ODST refs by 500% so...
I just saw that ODST helmets are like one of the easiest helmets to sculpt from clay but one of the most difficult pep helmets.