Props ODST build with Halo 3 Plasma Pistol (Maybe more down the line?)


Howdy, folks.

I've been chipping away at this build for over a month (almost two) now, time and time again I've put off posting it. That being said, I promised myself I'd post before I go on holiday.

Over the years I've tried a few builds but this is the first I've ever actually made decent progress to the point of having multiple finished pieces. What started as an experiment with a paper model plugin for blender has exploded into something awesome! I started with the bucket (why not?), then one thing led to another and so forth.

My apologies for the following pic dump:


The above pic shows my left forearm piece, specially made so I can attach the face of a cheap smart watch I have.

OG Plasma Pistol

I've always loved the type 25 DEP in all it's forms, especially on legendary playthroughs. I lean towards the classic designs of a lot of things so I printed off a side on view of Halo 3's plasma pistol and started building. There's still soooo much to do yet I already love it so much and at the same time it's just such a weird shape and seems so big (even though it's technically too small!).

IMG_20191021_142649.jpg IMG_20191025_092117.jpg IMG_20191025_142709.jpg IMG_20191029_144808.jpg
Pics, from left to right: template [bananas for scale], foam mock-up, cleaning up and lastly, showing off the size and some basic detail work.

I'm just a little sad I can't do any more until I get back. Anyways, until next time;

"Stoke me a clipper, I'll be back for Christmas."