Foam Halo 3: ODST Rookie Helmet


New Member
Could anyone please help me converting the Halo: ODST Rookie Helmet (Foam) from .pdo to .pdf?
Pepakura doesn't work on my Macbook with Win10...
And I didn't find the pdf files in the search.
Would be a good idea to make that, because there are a lot of requests for psf files in here ;)

Best regards and thank you for your help...
The main reason why PDF files don't exist is because to scale the helmet to your size and view the model while building it you will need pepakura. Otherwise you will have about 6-15 pages of paper that are all just lines without knowing where they go. You can use Wine as a way to run pepakura on your Mac!
Bit more info about running armorsmith on mac
Thank you for your help.
I tried wine, but that didn't work on OS Monterey.
But Bootcamp and Win 10 work- I can use Pepakura now!


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