1st Build ODST Medic Foam Build

Looking really good. I like that chest peice... and only done in a few weeks is really fast.. and using jig saw foam puzzle gym mats creative indeed!
i agree with Exia that the chest part looks good and the rest of the armor looks good to, but using the jig saw foam great idea
Been roughly a week and a half since PAX AUS 2023. Had an absolute blast meeting all sorts of new people and learning new skills. Got to talk to some more experienced cosplayers and got some good advice. I also got the actual colour the mini that my armours based off, so I’m gonna remake all the armour and paint it with the proper paint. Last time I made rakshasa shins and thighs because they looked easier, but I personally rather the look of the og odst leg armour.

I’ll be working on a revamp in the next few weeks. I’m gonna get the quality down pat this time around. Spoke to a few people here and got some awesome undersuit guidance. It should all be done in a month or two.
Stay tuned! I’ll be posting updates regularly. Feedback is very much appreciated so don’t be shy.

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