ODST pepakura build


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Hey there! Welcome. This is my first forum post so don't judge. Also no negativity allowed.
Since living in Calgary, I've only gone to the Calgary Comic Expo, meeting many community members such as FlyinPhil

I wanted to build an ODST armor set for a while now but I have been so busy lately with school. I started with some calculations on a diagram of one of those cool looking WETA ODST's.


I scaled this picture to my own body using a scale of 8x. I am about 5'11'' so this is a perfect size for me.
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The Halo 3: Landfall ODST design is by far my favourite and I always go back to it when doing upgrades and repairs to my armour. 10/10 job Weta did bringing the design into the real world.


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Good Luck man I think this will be an awesome build. You may want to make yourself a duct tape dummy of yourself to help with measurements. It is cheap and works great for reuse.


I would add 2.54cm to those scales, since the photo was taken with the camera tilted down and too close to the actors, causing a little photo distortion. The worst part about is scaling is the scale being too tight/small.