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hhmmm... im quite shure that i have an ODST model on my pc for pep.. why hasnt anyone tied to make one of these? i think it has somthing to do with to many polygons or somthing....but it wouud be sweet and could anyone tell me what program or software to use to make 3d models? that i could use in pep?.... if i found some i would try and make an odst helmet wich would work for everyone because im not doing anything atm.
Fraz posted the in-game helm awhile back. It actually doesn't have that many polys, much simpler than the MC.

Here, I hosted it again. I've gotta do this once I finish my MK V, or maybe I'll wait and do the H3 ODST.


I'd love a whole model and texture though. Then I could chop it up for the rest of the armor parts. :mrgreen: Metasequoia is the free 3D program that the creators of pepakura suggest, but there are plenty of others.
oh man if you could get the halo 3 full odst on pepakura that would save me so much time! ;-) well for now I'll make the helmet just for fun
I actually am making a pepakura ODST at the moment, but I'm not going to stop at paper so it's in the Molded Armor section.
If someone wants to send me the full figure and texture..
I'll have a pop at it.
im very intereseted in the idea of ODST pepkura. That would be a really fun project.
I'm trying to start on an odst helmet but i've only seen the halo 2 versions so far. Does anyone have the halo 3 version?

ODST helmet and torso ready to print, I spent 2 hours making these from the game models, these are halo 2 files, I dont think you specified if you wanted halo 3 or 2, so I'll post what I have.

helmet is scaled at 26cm high, and torso is 40cm high.
Nov 2 2007, 01:44 PM
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