Official Appearance: KesslerCon - Biloxi, MS (May 4 - 5, 2024)


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This year, we've received an exciting invitation to attend KesslerCon, a convention held at Kessler Air Force Base. The organizers would love to have members participate by engaging with attendees, taking photos with families, and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the event.

Attendance is not required for both days and the organizers are happy for anyone to come and go as they need.

As part of our involvement, we've been tasked with providing judges for their cosplay contest. If any of our members are interested in taking on this role, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Given that this event takes place on a military base, I'll need to arrange base access for any member who doesn't already possess it. Once you've confirmed your attendance, I'll reach out to you via direct message on the forums to gather the necessary details.

During the event, we'll have access to secure storage and changing facilities. However, it's important to note that space may be limited, so please be considerate of your footprint. Additionally, let's ensure that we leave the area clean and organized at the end of each day. If you're storing crates or props, please keep them tidy, and remember to dispose of any accumulated trash daily.

Prop Policies:
Non-functional props should pose no issue for base access or event entry. However, I advise being cautious with repair kits, ensuring that any oversized cutting tools are removed. While not a strict requirement, adhering to this suggestion can help prevent any unforeseen complications on the day of the event.

May 4-5, 2024

500 Ploesti Dr Biloxi MS, 39534

Local Hotels: Results Results Results

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":
- brkiker
- Cloaked In Gray
- wildkat315

Tentative Responses/Past Attendees:

Hotel Reservations:

Badge Purchase:

Passes will be provided free of charge.

At the event there will be a selection of food trucks on site with food available for purchase.

If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to ask!
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