Oh my sir ed is dead

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Anywho, People who are famous for doing something will one day die, and be forgotten by the mass, I bet 90% of the people today dont even remember or know who he was, same may go for....Oprah winfrey, when she dies, and 50 years later, she wont be a important person, heck, no one may even know who she is in 50-60 years after her death.


Climbing a lump of dirt, rock and ice formed by tectonic plates grinding together and forming ridges we call mountains, and being the first person to do said insane task, is not a great thing.
The man obviously wanted to climb because he wanted to climb.
He didnt care for glory, no prizes, he just wanted to see if he could do it.

I never like it when someone dies, but dont go blurting this out to everyone. The man climbed for isolation, not to be known by anyone.
Simply sit and give a silent goodbye for him.

That is all

Oh yeah.
When I become the median in the world, and have to deal with the worlds problems, yet have no direct control over anything, and somehow manage to fix the problems of the world in my 50 years in the job. I will die, and 500 years later, the Master Chief will have a picture of me for inspiration.
'Cause im so leet.


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Xavier said:
or something so much worse that im not even gonna say it :p
Ouch :p

Well, R.I.P
Many people die every day, but how come the famous people only get noticed?
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Mibz 117 said:
Sir Edmond Hilary...you will probably be forgotten. Sorry to say. But you still won at life.
Says the edible man

I always wondered...
Isnt it possible to make a rifle that shoots high grade steel-tungsten bullets with uranium cores? That are layered with lead for radioactive protection? They made a rifle that shot nukes, but the range was too short, the fall out would reach and kill the shooters.

Hmm, I think I could try something like that...

But of course Im going to get arrested

What am I talking about? Hell if I know.

The moral of the story is, please dont drink icy water when you have constipation

God I need to sleep.
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