Oh Noes - I'm a REDHEAD!

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Friday I am doing a video shoot with some dudes here in Austin. They wanted a red spartan, so I'm giving them one. I had to repaint my nice other color, but it's going to be cool to see how the red looks.

I'm diggin the new paint style though, the scratches look far more realistic than the crap i was doing.
That poor BR helm looks like it's been through lots of MP battles. ;)

Nice job! The weathering seems a bit excessive but I guess that's what you're going for.

I can't wait to see the vid!
honestly i think that looks wayyy better than the origional, i like this one a lot, its different and i would like to see it in an IGP(in game picture)
and i was very pleased to find that i can now tell my friends I HAVE PLAYED HALO 3 ALREADY!!! want to know how, bigpond website->games then select halo 3


-The MODS.

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for the love of god, you must stop posting about supposedly playing the H3 Demo on some super special website. And you must stop the double and triple posting in ever thread you touch.

ah, much better. that being said

I really like the Red. Looks awesome, and Im looking forward to the vdieo!


And yes, for the record I did go to the site. Yes H3 is there, but there are no playable demos....
Iceman29 said:
Wait, is that the same BlueRealm helmet that you have always had, or did you buy another one?

Same hat, just nicer colors :D.
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(y) The paintjob looks amazing Adam (again!)

You're quickly becoming the paint expert... soon people will be hiring you just to paint their armor..

yes i noticed that it was a bit different

I must say i think this red is really nice color, i even think this looks better on a another level. It looks fantastic, en the weathering look realistic!
Digital Demise said:
The weathering is super realistic. Great job!

What you did't know that weathering is real he had that helm for years he was in the army and he use that insted of the nomal helmets they game then and that is realy metal right adam

lol just joking with ya but nice job adam
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