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    Don't you die for your country, make the other guy die for his= Don't kill the minor, go knife that General in the back, then get the shotgun.
    yo i am a noob and i have some questions but the web site wont let me blog for some reason so if u could anser this for me it would be ausom

    My question is what Resistor or Resistors should i use
    i have 3 blue LED High visibility
    Size: T-1-3/4 (5mm)
    Typical voltage: 3.7,
    maximum voltage of 4.5V
    Typical Wavelength: 468mm
    Typical MCD: 2600
    Viewing Angle: 30°
    20mA (max.)

    Then i have 2 LEDs
    Wave-length nm (typical): 465nm minimum;
    470nm maximum
    Viewing angle (degree): 154°
    FW current (IF) (mA): 20 mA
    FW Supply (V)(typical) 3.1V; maximum 3.5V

    Then i have 1 larg LED
    Intensity: 8000mcd (typical),
    wavelength: 465nm (minimum),
    467.5nm (maximum) Viewing angle: 16°
    FW current: 20mA, FW supply: 3.2V (typical), 3.8V (maximum)

    then i have 1 hobby moter no load speed 16,000RPM 15% 3VDC, 95ma max
    Cheers ! I just want to say your work is incredible and inspired me ... you also have some really amazing ideas that you posted . thank you . thank you and greets from austria ! ^^
    Thanks for the comment dude!! :) Carter just stands in the corner of my old room at my parents house these days, doesnt see much action :( lol
    best suit ever i am trying to make a master chief hemet an a recon i an out of resin so i need to go to the store
    Love the helmet and I hope the rest of the armor turns out great. I just joined and im wondering how to get the armor files from, pepakura or what ever you used.... Any tips?
    Hi, loving what your doing!
    I've just joined and want to blog and share my work but are unabe to workout how!!
    I notced you use the sit alot, any tips???

    Your build looks really great! And its the exact color scheme i want to use on mine as well (whenever i even get close to finishing, im still in the pepping phase D:) But keep up the good work
    Hello, new to building costume. Wanting to build a halo master chief.
    Where would I start? Anyone.
    If you are how much are you considering to sell the armor for ?
    hi mac.

    you've been ever so helpful with tips on my ODST helm. i'll ask advice a bit more in future instead of dropping feet first into hell(pun intended) you've shone light on what looks impossibru (internet meme)
    kind regards
    hey dude. it was good running into a fellow 405th'er in chicago. best of luck with you future builds, hopefully we'll see ya around!
    Thanks! And yes, I could commission a shotgun, PM me and we can talk price or send an email to halo.armorer@gmail.com
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