OH NOES! paper opps :(

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well yesterday i went to walmart and picked up some cardstock to begin my helmet and printed the whole thing out

when i was finished cutting everything out i noticed something really bad! i printed everything WAY too small :mad: :mad:

i pretty much give up on making a helmet (for now ;)) and want to focus on sometin else. but i still need to figure out why everything was printed so small?

when i accepted to print the pages it says your printer doesn't want these settings, adjust scale? and then i clicked yes :whistle: was that bad?

also has anyone made a pep pistol and how many pages should it take and what scale and i looked through the databasae but couldn't find a .pdo file for a pistol?

did you change your printing to landscape?

Did you calcuate your scaling correctly?

are you a midget?
you should first make the pages portrait, not landscape. go to "file" and click on somethng like " paper configuration" aftert that, do portrait, then go size down your peices, or size up, then make it fit on the papers. that happen to me twice, now i have to make another one. 3!!!

one more hting, when it ses adjusts scale, i usually just press no
as stated above, the stickies really help if you have a problem, ALSO, you paper is not lost,, unless you already cut, just draw an "X" on the side thats printed, and reprint on the other side. i had to do this for one piece my printer jammed, and i had to reprint 3 pages. good luck
Well unless you had already made the item (helmet for example) then you havent lost much ground. Just recallibrate if needed. Try just clicking no this time and see if that helps.
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