Ohayocon Info and Roll Call: Feb 11th - 13th 2022

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Description: Ohayocon is a three-day anime convention typically held during January in Columbus, Ohio, at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Ohayocon's name is derived from the similarity between "Ohio", the convention's location, and Ohayou (おはよう), which means "good morning" in Japanese. The convention typically offers an anime music contest, an artists' alley, concerts, costume contests, a dealers' room, a formal ball, a masquerade, musical events, panel discussions, a rave, and more.

Feb 11-13 2022

400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215 (Greater Columbus Convention Center)

Event Website: Bonk >>>

Ohayocon COVID-19 Policy:

In order to be admitted to and remain at Ohayocon, all attendees five years and older must provide either:
  • proof of full vaccination at least two weeks prior to the day of arrival at the registration center, or
  • proof of negative COVID-19 test administered by an appropriate, licensed medical professional within three days of arrival at the registration center.
  • all attendees two years and older must wear an appropriate maskthat covers the mouth and nose at all times.

Clarification: we are not requiring “booster” shots for our Jan. 2022 event. “Rapid tests” and PCR tests are both acceptable. Tests administered by pharmacists or pharmacy technicians are acceptable. Retail test kits that you buy off the shelf and administer yourself are not acceptable.
Additional Info >>> COVID-19 Policy

I've only been to this event twice. The general vibe is the same as most cons I've been to. Cosplayers in the halls, a giant dealers hall, and plenty of panels to attend.
Guests this year include Rob Mungle and John Swasey who did vocal work for Halo Legends with Rob as 'Dutch' in 'The Babysitter' and John as 'SGT. Hauser' in 'Homecoming'. Other Guests include Kent Williams who was the voice of 'Surge' (yes that's spelled correctly) in 'Red vs Blue'

Sadly, because of C-19 restrictions and general complications, the Rave and Formal Ball have been canceled.

Local Hotels:
  • Hyatt Regency Columbus
  • Hilton Columbus Downtown
  • Drury Inn & Suites Columbus
  • Sonesta Columbus
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Columbus Downtown
  • Red Roof PLUS+ Columbus Downtown

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":
dragon den

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It's a con I've been meaning to get back to one of these years, but sadly I cannot attend it this year. I can vouch that it always seems to fly under the radar in terms big name conventions, but it does have a really good attendance of 10,000+ with a lot of stuff to see and do in a multi level building. Even has an indoor food court, how often do you see that?


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While I def. can't make it this year im entirely surprised how many "Halo" related personalities are going! Would love to go and get things signed by people!
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