Okay, I know I'm kinda overusing the noob fourm, but I have another question


Is rondo-ing just a half-baked way of doing this or does it have the same benifits as glassing cause I just rondoed a load of parts and one of them (an odst hip plate) warped a bit.

I did resin it 1st


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^^ what they said :p Resin will help plug some little holes in the pep if there are any too so the rondo doesn't spill everywhere. learned that with my first piece i ever did. make sure to add some support struts too if there arent any. it will help keep the parts shape.


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Perhaps your armor got warped a little while you resined the outside of the piece. Did you resin all at once, or in stages?

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I prefer fiberglassing the piece before Rondoing. This to help strengthen the piece, and keep the rondo from warping your piece. I Rondoed an ODST thigh once and it warped like hell. I would not recommend Rondo as a way to substitue fiberglass. Only thing Rondo is good at is to get to those little nooks and crannies that you wouldn't get to otherwise. (Like the brim of a Helmet.)


Oh okay well I've already rondoed alot of parts that look great so I'm not gonna try and redo them, but I guess I'll have to redo the hip plate