Old side-seat in halo three.

Do you want the old sideseat back in Halo 3?

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Swedish Spartan

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Would you like to get the old sideat (First person) or keep the current one
(Third person)

When found encountered this in halo 2 i became:evil:
And i never used it again,

I loved the old one beceause,

It was, funny, adventurous and speedy.

It was alot easier to aim and the sideseat was actually dangeurus.

You could actually aim, instead of just wasting ammo.

I hate third person, becuse it deosent have the real feel that rest of halo had.

I think if this would be in Halo 3.the sideseat would be mutch more favored position. All my friends agree with completely, And i actually enjoy Halo CE more then Halo 2.
The first person view was definately more fun. Plus you could see the spedometer and other stuff in the warthog. Bungie, please bring it back.
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