Oldest Member, Not In Age But In Membership!

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Sean Bradley

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The first actual member to join after Adam was Zyph

Zyph made one post and has was last seen May 18th 2006 - 06:24 PM

You can look up this kinda stuff by clicking on the members tab and doing a search.

Spartan 051

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Twisting_Neather said:
Well if you're going for oldest active members it goes Adam, Deadguy, then myself.
i wouldnt say your one of the oldest active

member number 123 for me
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Adam was first, although it might be his second account.

Order of joining can be found here:


Just set the search to "All Members" by "Join Date" in "Ascending Order"

There's three folks ahead of me that have no posts, and Adam is the only person who came before me who has more than 6 posts.

Then there's Twisting Neather followed by Zeke30695 (last here in March), Corpseguy, and then Link4044...and he's member number 39.
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