Ooooh new forum.

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Wow, this has become big enough for it's own section. Spiffy. :)

It almost makes me sad though, I'd hate to see some software program come in and ruin everyone from taking artistic attempts at their work and replacing it with the fast and easy way. :shock:
Yeah, I was suspecting this would have to happen soon. But I think it's a good thing. Like I've said before there will always be a place for scratchbuilt armor, and no reason the two types can't co-exist.

Way to go!
yeah i was thinking about that monster, where am i suppose to post my cardboard helmet when i get it done?
Well, I would think if you used Pepakura to make it then here. If you just made it out of cardboard from scratch then it should go in the other one I would think. Because your mold making.
umm how is that mold making i dont get it? i though mold was like making a mold and casting armor, not just making one from scratch like monstermaker but having it made out of cardboard. Though cardboard is paper and the forum is pepakura and PAPER so i guess it should go in here if its cardboard.
Well, mold making doesn't necessarily have to be made out of clay. All a mold is, is a shell that you use to "reproduce" so to speak.
well i didnt say anything about clay i said casting armor, which is making a mold and yeah so i guess cardboard goes in here.
if its slick and smooth then yes and just as long you back the cardboard the weight of the mould will crush it
Mold materials are actually pretty heavy, and you're going to be putting some force on this as you shift it around. Besides, The cardboard would warp under the weight of the rubber and mother mold shell leaving you with a warped casting.

Best to back it with fiberglass or expanding foam.
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