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ok i'm doing good on my first odst armor but i'm thinking about next year halloween party i go to and driving in the chest armor may not be a good idea. so are there other Materials I can use, not eva form for fiberglass and do you know where i can get the flies.
the pic below is me back against a wall to show you a gap i'm not sure it's meant to be that big


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Hey Mechace13. Driving in foam armor? I couldn't do it with my armor since I have the boosters on it but an ODST? You might be able to with some maneuvering and seat adjusting. And don't worry about gaps like that......The in game armor does not translate to real life body forming with out some serious skills. If you are really concerned with the gaps......which I know the feeling.....you might try filling that with another layer of foam on the inside or just a trim tapered on the outer edge to close or conceal the gap.
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