Other Spartan Armours

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I dont really want to make the original Master Chief, I want the CQB armour from halo 3, and my younger brother is going to make the 4th armour (you have to look in the red versus blue wallpaper on bungie.net then under projects > halo 3 > wallpapers)

Anyone have models of these for pepakura? if not, I guess I will do master chief 1 for my first armour.
First off, no one would have the fourth armor permutation if it's not even named yet. Secondly, I'm working on a CQB Model and I'm going to import it into pepakura. But no, there are no models for those that are for the public.
merrik_matsumura said:
thank you, how long till you think it will be done? i get home in about a week.

Wait, will it be open for the public?
Not sure
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