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Nightmare Armor

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Fellow people take a look at the new up coming issues of the Official XBOX Magazine first quarter 2007, we will have a full feature inside about Nightmare Armor Studios, and not to mention I will be on the full cover shot. We are very excited about the new armor suits that will be shown in the special edition feature and about NAS. its all for the fans.
Did you get an early copy of the Mag? Dying to see what's happening with it. I thought you guys were dissassociating yourselves with Halo Armor all together
Did you get an early copy of the Mag? Dying to see what's happening with it. I thought you guys were dissassociating yourselves with Halo Armor all together

We don't get a copy early ,wish we did anyway its MS/OXM way of trying to be nice to us. but it will cover old armor , and new. I do think the Halo world is very cool, but its kinda like 3 years ago for us we have made 5 new armor suits style's since then. thanks
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They didn't really distance themselves too far.. Last time I looked, it's still on their site at least, in the "store" area..

I just had no pics and stuff, and instead of calling it Halo armor, it's "hammer of the gods" which is what Thor's hammer is referred to, when it's not being called Mjolnir.

How hard did Microsoft hit you guys? I remember when ya'll had statements on your website about it and stuff, but then it seemed like you never came back and said anything about what happened.

I guess they hit you hard enough to knock the Halo off the name, but what else? You didn't have to cease and desist at least.

BTW- Kudo's for getting Nightmare Armor listed on the credits for Halo 2. That must have been sweet seeing that scroll up for the first time. (or did you guys already know it was there?)
The hole MS thing really was not as big as everyone thinks, it was simple we don't use the name HALO with the armor, we never took MS offer for the name that's all, we really like MS and the things they do. after all we are in the game credits and we had MS use my suits for the movie script hand out. we have been offered a vendor agreement with MS recently. and we are working with there Official Magazine. O and the hammer of the gods is a THOR hammer not a MC suit. Just proving my earlier points you cant all ways believe what rumors float around out there. Its kinda like the rumors that I heard that Steal Dreams pulled molds off that 6 foot statue thing that was put out. cant always believe what you hear. thanks
ha! Yeah.. went back to look at your site.. I see that the price is well under what you were doing the suit for. Guess I shoulda' noticed that, but that was awhile ago when I saw it.

I only assumed the MS thing was as big as you made it sound while it was happening. You also aren't selling the armor anymore, apparently (or at least not openly through your site), but it's what put you guys on the map, or so I thought. Figured that was a kinda' like a roadmap suggesting you'd been nailed.

So is there an MS/Bungie/Halo armor vendor license availible then?

The rumors about the statue rip-off are pretty cool to hear. The statue is all I had for reference when we were doing the original prototypes. All I had were screengrabs from a guy that videotaped all kinds of angles of it for me. He had a statue and a ruler for scale, so I just had to do the math in the various shots. From what I understand, he said that some of the finished prototype pieces were close enough that you could almost display it on the statue.

That's high praise indeed, considering that to this day I have still never actually laid eyes on the statue in-person. The problem is.. that statue sucked as far as accuracy went, AND my part of it was rushed, leaving some areas a little rougher than I wanted to, but I didn't know that until much later. I'm no artist, I just replicate what I see.

20 years of precision metal/wood fabrication engineering does that to you.. I can't even draw a line by hand without being frustrated by the imperfections in it. I went by what I had, and nailed it.
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when did it come out? cuz ive been buying OXM forever and im wondering if i can buy a copy of it onfline

It's upcoming, we haven't finished the costumes yet.
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