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i was wondering what is the best way to pad your armor and keep it in place. I was thinking about cutting my pieces of armor in 2 after i fiberglass them and putting small hinges in them then have thick padding like blue camping pads cut up to fit in it tight and a latch on the opsite side . n e sugestions are aprecaited
would it work tho . wat ever i use to padd has to make it fit realy good cuz im makign my set of armor air-soft proof so i can use it as air-soft gear
hehe you do not want to vacuum form it then. but yea in technicallity it would work. padding id say pre meshed back pack pads or moto helemets
ok well my plan was that i was gonna do pepakura models of the armor then fiberglass those 2 times to make them thick then paint, add my electronics and then pad them.
...well im got a huge fan of pepakura nad fibre glass theory i supose it should work. if ur not careful thou than afte 2 fibre glassings it might not hold the details
yea well ima do 1 then shoot it with a airsoft gun and if it dont go threw then well that is good enough for me. lol
hah k just spendin all that time and effort only to dent it (which it will i almost garuntee) idk never quit got that but still. the best of luck 2 u
yea it is in the sports and camping section and comes in rolls. i use it to make pvc foam padded swords
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