paintball br

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ive seen the engler model and i really dont feel like shelling out $850 for it
or the 98 custom on the inside
i am the proud owner of an a5
i would realy like ideas for what to do next

im halfway there with stock and had a custom barrel done
i need grips and a body

this is what i got
i think ima need a shorter barrel tho
21" seems like a bit much
the whole gun is longer than my leg
(im 6'5" so thats big)
What about a 16" smart parts tactical barrel front, a stock etek barrel, or even a 18" All American Freak front
thats kool O_O except of cousre the barrel real needs to be shortend. it'd be a sniper rifle if not :D but still suuuuweeeeeeeeet!
the entirity of the gun is 96 cm long collapsed stock
the br is about 89.9 cm long
so that means that nice new break on the end has to go
im prolly just gonna order a g36 barrel kit and shroud for it i think thats the only other one that has a realistic break
excludeing the c-series barrels

i had an all american freak/smartparts kit but its on loan to my friend
just got an x7
woods ftw
senior heavy and medium rifle

ive been known to do a speed match but sold most speed parts
(drop sleek line compact hopper ect.)

i managed to run a program to the trigger and i get legal 3 shot bursts now

working on a ammo counter circut
Not open for further replies.