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Ok I have a kind of dilema here, I havnt got a 360 :unsure: and ATM im 16 so im saving for my 1st car......My friend would have gave me his 360 for free (he got banned from live, because his dad(wo works for microsoft)tried to do somthing and got him banned) so he bought a new 360 and binned his old 1?!?!?!?! I really want to get a 360 for halo 3. But I dont have the cash (stupid car!!!!) how much will the 360's price drop after crimbo? is there anyone else who hasnt got a 360? I really have to find out the end of halo 3 but I dont want to watch some tacky low quality movie on youtube. Also theres no sense of completion/pride in doing that. So does anyone know where I can get 1 cheap? And does anyone else here not have a 360?


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maybe rent one. good luck finding one to rent once h3 comes out, though. blockbuster, hollywood, et al used to rent game consoles back in the days of the sega cd and playstation. im sure they still do.

your friend is an ******* for throwing away a perfectly good piece of hardware. tell him i said that.


I feel ya buddy!!! I wish I had one too... Ya might as well buy halo 3 early, I did cause when I finally got an xbox, I had a friggin hard time findin a halo 2 disc... just save your money and wait it out, your not the only one out there.... My friends dad wont even let them play video games anymore, and they have a 360...
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