How your day/weekend off got ruined? Just kinda venting a bit also interested to see how other people’s got ruined or didn’t


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Finally after 5+ months of working with little to no days off because of family health issues. I finally get a free weekend. So I’m just ready to go to a con for the first time since like November because of work. I had fun hanging out with Lobbster, skittles, gentle giant, Benton, and a couple others. Anyway I get home later then I planned I’m greeted by the dog who is just throwing up everywhere fml there no sleep till 0230. Then my gf calls me at 0500 with anxiety issues I’m used to it at this point. I wake up again then my dad is like I have a small project for you. Anyway 4hrs later 2 hammer and a drill and several other cutting tools and the new toilet seat was installed. I still don’t understand how the seat broke but that one screw had super powers. Idk vent over so how is everyone else’s day/weekend off going/ruined
Glad you had fun at the con! Sorry to hear your weekend got ruined :(

My weekend was great besides the fact that my brother severed his finger working on the car :/ Normally he's very good about putting blocks behind the wheels before jacking up the car, but for whatever reason he didn't do that this time. When he lifted the car up it began to roll down the driveway. He tried to stop it by shoving a piece of wood under the wheel, but got his finger caught under it. The car ran over the piece of wood. The end of his right middle finger from just below the nail and up was hanging on by a thread. We called 911 and EMS came and brought him to the hospital where he got 13 stiches and a lot of pain meds. His finger is attached now, but he has pins and needles. It gave us all quite a big scare. And even though it wasn't my finger, I feel bad because I could tell it was brutal pain.
old story but still a decent one
Back when i was active duty in the army some times you get assigned guard duty which in our case meant after working all day you have to sit out all night in the desert and watch the missles to make sure they didn't get up and walk away while everyone else goes home and sleeps. The only upside to this is that you get the next 20 hours off, so you can sleep and recover. Me and my friend had just finished our night watch after working the entire day before, needless to say we were very tired, after we got relieved by the next watch we went back to the barracks to try and get some sleep. After about 30 minutes we get a call to come back to work, we stated that we had just finished a guard shift and were owed the time off, but it didn't matter cause apparently some dumb *** sergeant lost a DAGR, with encrypted codes on it, we didn't know he lost it till much later, at that point we just knew that it didnt turn up in inventory. So we go back to "combing the desert" with our whole battery and we do that for the next 4 or 5 days thru the weekend. Come to find out the srgnt knew where he lost it but didn't want to say anything because he was afraid of getting in trouble. eventually CID figured out the srgnt lost it and he got a lit up, but none of us got our time back. truly just a monumental waste of everyone's time, but i don't know what anyone expects when it comes to the army.
at a later point i got to see that srgnt run 4 miles while carrying a 50cal so that made it a little better, he then tried to murder me in my sleep (always sleep with a weapon nearby kids) but that's a story for another day.
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