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Updated Pep Files Link

Slyfo's peps are from Halo3, and considered to be the most up to date set of MK VI armor in my opinion.

Peparuka Help Link

There are not many new questions that could be asked about armor creation. Everything you need wil be posted in a stickied forum under the Peparuka dn Cardboard forum. Especially to just get started. If you get farther along, and something is complicated and you just don't understand whats being said in the forums, then ask, someone should help.
This is going to turn into a debate very quickly, because there are about a million pep files everywhere for helmets.

For MK VI, you're either looking at Slyfo's model (In the previous post), at flying_squirl's model,

The last one I could find would be dannifood4less's helmet. It uses flat pieces, so there is not a lot of folding, and it comes out pretty smooth.

(These are the only helmets I could find, there are a lot more detailed versions, I just found these very quickly)

If you haven't had any practice with pepakura, you might want to start off with the low detail file and move up from there.
Slyfo's isnt for beginners, his files are hard to make even for me being experienced, the easiest is the halo 2 files in the "how to make armor with pepakura" thread.
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