Trying to go from Pepekura to Foam


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Hello! I have decided to finally make another attempt at doing halo armor, but I am coming across another problem that I had forgotten had stopped me last time.
I want to make the Mk. VII armor, and am using the amazing Pepekura files I found on the armory (this) but I can't seem to figure out how to take some of the pieces and put them into a foam pattern. This might just be because of my resource limitations -- I'm using half inch foam tiles you find at any store -- so please let me know.
I started out with the wrist circle, but I couldn't figure out how that fit together with other pieces, especially because of their different thicknesses. Do I just cut out the general form and then just sand it down? or do I cut out all the pieces and just hope I can figure it out? thank you to anyone who might be able to help! <3
You need to use bevels and cut the foam at an angle so the edges line up. If you have visual examples of what you are struggling with, please send them my way and I can try to assist.
hi Dragyn
I made that same mk VII suit you're working on. Can you show a picture of the issue you're having? I'll do my best to help you out. I can send a picture of how I did mine later today.

Here's the WIP picture of my forearms from when I made my suit though:

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