Pep folding and gluing.

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Can you please help me on how to make good folds and how should i glue the paper parts together? (what glue?)

I found the "How to make good folds" tutorial but it doesnt exist anymore since it was on the
ya its still there, i just used it. but pretty much it says color over the fold lines with a pen and press down hard so it's easier to fold. use different colors for the 2 different fold so you can tell them apart. as for when to fold them, i find it easier to fold the piece before i glue it on. i used krazy glue and im hoping it doesn't dissolve in the resin... i found another topic that says you can use low temp. hot glue, super glue, or electrical tape. DONT use duct tape, clear tape, or other dis solvable glues.
Here i copy pasted it. Its icemans. give credit to him

Pepakura Folding Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to fold the lines on Pepakura correctly and clean.

1. Your going to need is 2 Pens and a ruler. Make sure that the 2 pens are each different colors. (Try to use a metal Ruler)

2. You must assign the pens to a certain fold. (remember you must keep them the same through out the procedure)

Red Pen = Valley fold lines
Black Pen = Mountain fold lines

3. Cut out the piece you are going to be folding.

4. Set up the Ruler so it is parallel to the line you are going to score, make sure that it is a bit close, as seen here:

5. Then your going to want take the pen you assigned to valley fold or mountain fold and go over the line 3 or 4 times pressing semi hard with the ruler as a guide to keeping the pen straight and on the original line.

6. Once you have done that you may fold the paper accordingly to come out as a nice clean fold.

Yes this may add more time to the making of your armor, but in the end you are stunned with a nice looking piece.
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