PEP helm or hockey helm

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hey guys I am trying to grasp the concept of how to make a ODST helm. So far I am trying to either decide to make it out of PEP or getting a hockey helm and trying to bondo the whole thing (or pep the bottom part and fiberglassing). This will be used in airsoft matches if this helps any.
Personally, for airsofting, I would never trust pepakura no matter what you coat it in, because if you think about it, in the end, its just paper. So if those are your choices, I would go with hockey mask. I am not familiar with hockey but I believe that it should already be somewhat close to the right shape. Just make sure to get a visor or something that is strong enough to take an airsoft pellet.

Good luck and stay safe!
how should I mold the bottom helm? after some reading bondo seems to hold right? I mean if its hard enough for cars it should be more or less enough for helms?
I wouldnt go with molding unless you are willing to spend over 1 thousand dollars.

I would never use any of the armor in paintball or airsoft matches, plastic is strong but still can crack, pepakura is strong too, but can crack or warp, this is a costume, remember that, not real armor or gear.
molded armor would be alot like real armor if you think about it...if you were really serious and had lots of cash, you could use Kevlar or carbon fiber in the casts and that would probably take alot of punishment. but my point is that it doesn't have to be just a costume if u have lots of cash.
thanks for the link :), so if i were to cardboard it, would i be able to strengthen it by fiberglassing it and than detailing it with bondo? (that is what bondo is for right?) (i'll worry about the visor later)
both. use the hockey helmet as a base and use ped for more detailed stuff like the whole chin thing and big details.
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