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Alright so here im gonna post all my pep stuff until i have a finished suit

Heres the progress on the helm so far







Heres what my chest plate looks like (after i relized it was too small(i had already put 6 hours into it))






tomorrows project

Looking very good. I'm currently making mine and I'll be surprised if it looks half as good as this.
looks great! But make sure that you at least put 5 coats of resin on the Helmet to make sure that its re-enforced good.

Plus, all of the coats will make the top of the Helmet look more slick and rounded, instead of the flat surfaces.

Good Luck
try checking at the dollar store, they have some half decent ones. Ya I hate the resin, it turns your paint brush hard and unusable.
yea, & i think its gotten me high, lol

i hope ill be able to get the helm all finished before H3
Yeah im having that same problem with the paint brushes. I got four today for $1 each. You can also use acetone on the brush while the resin is still wet to rinse it out. You might get like 2 or 3 uses out of your brush that way. I advise taking that visor out now, before it gets too hard. Resining the helmet was the easy part, put the fiberglass on is hard. I'm on my second coat now.
well im going to put 2 more coats of resin on the outside, im not putting any resin on the visor so it will come out easy, but yea, that hole could be way helpful while fiber glassing.
Yeah, i thought i wasnt going to get any resin on it but it ended up getting on there anyway. But putting on the fiberglass cloth isnt to hard, you just have to be very patient (this is where im losing my brushes.) When you cut the fiberglass try to make the cuts are as clean as possible. Some of it will come loose and get stuck on the brush.
i went out to the dollar store and picked up 9 brushes (3 for 1$) they will last me out for the helm, ill have to buy more as i make more

You can get a case of natural bristle chip brushes for like $10 at Harbor Freight tools...

At that price I just use them once.... cleaning them is such a mess.
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