Pep Viewer... *grrrr*

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I tried downloading one of the recommended weapons assortment files for pepakura. Damned viewer doesn't open .OBJ files... which was the only thing included. Another zip folder contained all 3ds models. Pep Viewer doesn't open those either!!

I'm making my pistol out of wood - I like carving and I suck with paper (including, but not limited to, folding and gluing and cutting).

So... where are some Pep files that are actually viewable in Pep Viewer? I'm not going to carve guess-and-check style, I want a template that I can carve from.

But if the viewer doesn't open the files, I'm not going to have any blueprints to go by... and I'm not at all good with drawing my own blueprints / models.

- CR
I don't have $30. I don't have $10. I'm filming a movie... which costs quite a lot of money. And I'm trying to buy my own webspace... that costs money as well (about $400-$600 for five years).
I don't have time to download... or search.

Must finish script revision... agh wheres the storyboard? Has anybody seen the callback roster. Where's my coffee...

I'm sorry - my animators head just fell off. I would clean up the mess but I need to do a google search 0_o
Not open for further replies.