Pepakura Assemble

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alright, i need help on how to assemble a pep pistol. i got the file, sized it out, print it out and stuff, but i dont know how to assemble it. at all. can anyone help me?
Glue. Patience. Refernce pics. Good eyesight for those small numbers. Lots of patience. Ive barely go the pistol grip done on mine.
oh thanks guys. how long do you think this is ganna take? do you think i can get this done in 1 week? i want to finish armor and guns by halloween.
Take your time. If you work at at as much as you can, you might get it done. Not in a week though. MAYBE before Halo-ween.
oh ok thanks. how long do you think the armor would take? i plan to work on the armor more then then the gun, but i dont know. im thinking if i do 3-4 hours a day, i might get everything done before halloween. maybe.
open your pattern on pepakura and press ctrl+n. it will make the 2-d photo have red lines come across the 2-d pattern when you hover the mouse over the pics
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