Pepakura for Macs???

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Cha*man said:
No, there are no Mac versions, you might try it with a windows emulator

Ugg... I tried using crossover and that didnt work... I'm in the same situation and need to make mjolnir armor but I have a mac.. hopefully bootcamp is still in beta
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I'm playing around with the print function, trying to get some pdfs printed off; not going so well. If I can get it to work I'll post again, so just watch the thread. If anybody else has gotten this to work right let me know.
You know what, I forgot, sorry for dissing you; even though it was unintentional

But, since you're here,
I've been trying to do some oversized (A2), I've reset the pdf settings to match but pepakura is still fussing

I've resorted to A2 for weapons because most weapons have at least a couple parts that span two or three sheets of letter paper

I wonder if I could copy to clipboard to word then print to pdf...
Give me a couple minutes

It seems that office doesn't like oversized (A2) sheets (or it's Windows)
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