Pepakura Guns

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I was just wondering, would it be easier to make halo guns from Pepakura and if so does anyone know where i could get A file?
Actually, I've seen someone make a gun from pepakura on the pepakura website. It wasnt a gun from halo or anything, it was just a regular pepakura gun.
On Jan Ruhr's Aliens papercraft site he has done a 1:1 scale pulse rifle and a Judge Dredd Lawgiver. So it is possible.
Well it fits into Pepakura AND the Props and Weapons section. Perhaps a link could be posted to here from the Props and Weaps section, or move this thread and leave a link here. Either way its much of a muchness :mrgreen:
SPARTAN-053 said:
Cant Download, link brigns me to basic Pep site and clicking photo brings me to site to host images

under the image it says stuff like e-mail,somthing and download click download
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