Pepakura Halo 1 Marine beginnings Updated with chest armor w

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Well, after a making the armor and helmet for spartan pepakura, I decided that I'd rather be a Halo 1 marine, because I've got a cardboard MA5B.
And the model I was using for spartan armor was halo 2 armor. These don't go with each other! So I'm gonig to convert my spartan chest armor to marine armor, I've looked and it seems very easy to do.

I've completed the paper shell of the helmet.
I also have a broken headset, so I cut off the microphone and I'm going to use it with the finished helmet.




And here's the mic I'll mount on to it. Keep in mind it won't actually work.
I might go out and buy a mic and wire it to a walkie talkie, though.
I'm planning to either take a transparency and print out a green hud on it, or I'll just color it in myself.

Also, I'd like to point out that there is a fan in the room, and it was pushing the very top of the helmet down.
You have to separate the faces in pepakura.
Edit: Oh...wait. oh. He has separate files in his topic.
lookin nice man imma goina do the same wit me helmet i think i still havee my broken xbl mic some where any way keep it up cant wait to see it done

Chest Armor Skeleton

hooray for a blurry picture, courtesy of my shaky hands.

Grrr, I'm a soldier with a mean face! Grr.

ba da bing, ba da boom!

And about the pimples, it's because I'm having an outbreak. :D
Usually my face is really clear.

I think I might scrap the cardboard, and make it out of paper instead. and then coat it in something.
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