Pepakura Helmet question.


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Hi, I found this place after looking at the $30 dollar chief costume on digg. I thought it was pretty could so I thought I could make my own armor.

I am making the helmet first, I want to go for the "hardest" (i think, I hope so. :vim: ) first. Also, I'm using the scoring technique. I am making it out of cardstock but I was wondering if you had a tutorial on reinforcing it. I have about $400 from a job this summer so, you can include the "cheap" options or the "cool" ones.


Thank you man.


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first of all welcome,

uh search for the stuff about fiberglass and other reinforcers on the forums, and gl


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I looked around, and found lots of stuff about fiberglass and it was cool. And uh, my parents won't let me use fiberglass or anything toxic, so I have decided to use cardboard.

Does anyone know of a good glue that sticks cardboard to card stock?