Foam Artaius Helmet Pepakura Build


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Greetings everyone

Dedicating this thread for my work in progress of Artaius helmet.
Made mostly with EVA foam 5mm thick for main structure and 1mm for detailing.
maybe a little bit of 3D printing for the small hooks on top of the helmet

The plan is to paint it in black white color scheme with silver visor.

I have the pepakura files unfolded and cleanup so it can fits best 5mm foam. Feel free to download the PDO below


  • Artaius Helmet.pdo
    1.5 MB · Views: 68
It's actually crazy how clean your foam work is
i would turn crazy myself if the foam didnt align properly, i'm being nitpick a bit there

photo1709100858 (4).jpeg

Anyway, the helmet itself is almost done, but sadly the sizing is a bit too small for my liking.
Gonna put this project on hold for a (long?) while

Doing a same thing twice isnt really my thing, so onward to the next project

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