Pepakura Plasma Pistol: WIP **Update 10/23**

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Pepakura Plasma Pistol: WIP




I started the Plasma Pistol today. It's the file taken staight from Halo 2.

Obviously, it's a work in progress. I have the handle and part of the sides done.
I thought it would be better to bump this than make a new topic. It's been finished for a while, but I got around to taking pictures today.

It's a little crooked...
i would suggest making a few small holes and filling it with something. you could use any number of things....resin or "mud" would be really heavy but sturdy because it would be solid plastic. or you could use low expanding foam. resin the outside a bit to make it strong and CAREFULLY fill it with foam. i stress carefully because i ruined a perfectly good M6D because i was being impatient. the foam can easily warp your piece when it expands.

looks awesome, now i need to make one lol.
damasterchief said:
ummm can you tell me the place where you can get the file???
Check Robogenisis's sig.

damasterchief said:
and also i plan on usign and smg with it :D classic
Check the Pepakura Database thread. Or do a search.
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Ral Partha said:
Check Robogenisis's sig.
Actually, that is not my file. There are some slight differences in mine and that one, plus he made the progress post 2 1/2 months before I released my Plasma Pistol.

But you can find my file HERE. It's a bit more detailed than that one, and I have some pictures of the one I assembled.

BTW, this is in the wrong sub-forum.
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Wow, great job. I really respect you guys who do Pep weapons, they look nigh impossible hah. Today I saw an AK-47 in the shop of some store, I can't imagine how long that would have taken. Keep up the awesome work!
Some people have done this and I might as well : just fill the pep with resin a bit after resining it a couple times on the outside. Then, slush the resin around to get an even coat. That's what I plan on doing with the AR i'm making.
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