Pepakura print out kits?

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I was just thinking, that if some one who already had the models and print outs on thier computer, wanted to they could make kits. Because i was just thinking i dont have a windows, i have macs, and i dont have time to go print stuff out at a friends or something, but it would be cool if someone could scale a kit for just a helmet or something and print out everything so that it just needed to be cut out and assembled. It would also be a cool thing to set up for less artisticaly inclined people who still want to get into the halo costuming withought breaking a low budget. I dont know i think it sounds like a cool idea, you should even be able to send kits via those bubble wrap envelopes. I would do it but i have too much on my plate right now as it is and like i said i dont have a windows to even run the program on.

I know that i might be willing to buy a helmet kit if someone where to take the initiatave to make one. ;-)
Eternal i completely agree with you 100% on this one. If someone took the MC helmet from the pepakura tutorial they could scale it individually to a customer and the best part is the whole thing is already there allu need to do is change its size

Keep in mind that Pepakura patterns are so authentic to the character model as to be copyright protected... thusly they can't be reproduced without some serious legal risk. I'm sure that one or two for yourself is fine, but if any manufacturers got into these they'd be setting themselves up for legal trouble.

Manufacturing Pepakura kits would be alright if you were able to change the game model to be distinct from the proprietary M.C. model.

Check out this thread for the consensus on Legal issues for Halo costumers. Sid and Deadguy know alot about this:
sean you make a good point I didnt even think of that, but for the most part i think these things will stay within the realms of the site so we might not have to worry about anything "too" illegal
i saw your thread lastspartan. Wasnt the scaling wrong though on you'r files though (still sized to original pepakura model). But i give you props for being the first one to take initiative on this matter

Just give me other scales if you want.

And I'll probably finish the thread this week.

Because... NO more schooL! xD
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