Pepakura Questions


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Ok so i have been in absent from this site and from a long time ago. I was wondering Not only where to post this but also the questions to ask.
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Has anyone have a key or a way to get one for designer.
Has there been any new designer programs made .
Is there any modelers that do everything not just Armour


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There is a free version of pepakura designer, you just can't save scaled files in it, so it's smart to record any scaling data for projects. Asking for a key or free way to get it seems like you want to pirate it, which isn't cool.

There are all kinds of things designed for pepakura that aren't armor. A quick Google search will go a long way.


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hey im not sure if this is useful on this forum, but im looking for a professional halo 3 prop and replicas artist/maker.. one which experience in full body armor and lights, real material not cheap ones?? if you guys kno of any let me know, im willing to pay..