Pepakura Substitute for Mac?


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I have been trying to find an alternative to Pepakura on Mac for a long time, but could not find any. So I created one. Unfolder - Create papercraft easily
Is it correct that Pepakura requires OS X 10.13 or better? I'm still on Sierra. I may upgrade if I need to, but would like to test drive it (when the demo comes out) before doing that since I have some legacy software that will not run beyond 10.12. Thanks!


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I don't have a Mac, but if one of our Mac using members could verify that this works well as an alternative to Pepakura for Mac, I can sticky this thread so others can find it easily.
this Software is great and all but the one thing that it needs to be a true mac version of the pepakura designer is, it needs the ability to open ".pdo" files