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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Spartan857, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    i bought this pin at a local gamestop. some people might have seen it already but iam gunna use it with my armor.

    but iam gunna make a mold of it and remake it saying 405th. microsoft might hate me for that

  2. BenStreeper

    BenStreeper Well-Known Member

    remember that although the 405th is not a legit part of microsoft, it is owned by ADAM, ask him befor you do any modifications to a microsoft trademarked item to reflect his site. that can get him into trouble if you aren't careful
  3. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    iam not gunna do it until the 405th gets the nod from bungie and or microsoft.
    even now i have been thinkin about just usin that pin itself with no mods on my armor.

    plus a few decals painted on
  4. grid 187

    grid 187 Member

    I got that pewter pin also!! Damnit I wanted a legendary pewter as well :mad: , Oh well!!
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  5. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    i was gunna buy the legendary pin, but som kid snagged it before i could get to it.
  6. Shadow Killer801

    Shadow Killer801 Jr Member

    Cool where did you buy that pin?>
  7. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    at a gamestop there relatively cheap
  8. Spartan1105

    Spartan1105 Jr Member

    lol i got the UNSCDF belt and wallet...didn't bring enough to buy a pin T_T spent it all on the supplies.>.<
  9. I saw those but i didnt see a reason to get it.... just me.
  10. Ares

    Ares Well-Known Member

    $4.95 or so, I was in there today.
    What I'm gettin':
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  11. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    i wanted the hat but i only had about 6 bux.........lucky
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  12. DryWallDeath

    DryWallDeath New Member

    you can get the UNSCDF logo off wiki and make you're own shirts...or hat, sticker, etc...wallet lol, peace-
  13. spartan114

    spartan114 Jr Member


    yeah i bought that when i stopped ata local game station to drool over the legendary mc bucket they have on display

    i didnt have enboiught for the going back as soon as they have paid me in work!!!
  14. Spartan857

    Spartan857 Well-Known Member

    i would but i think bungie sells those tshirts already. besides iam not makin any until the 405th gets a nod from bungie
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