Pipninja's lifted reach boots!

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So I am in the process of making repairs and improvements to my finished reach armor, and I wanted to share what I've done with my boots. I added a 2" raise!

I traced the sole of the shoe, and started with a couple layers of EVA foam. Then I hot glued the shoes down, and slowly started to fill the gaps with hot glue and foam chunks, until it was filled all the way around.

Next, I followed what Adam Savage did for his wookie shoes, and I taped around the top and heel in duct tape. This provides more structural support to the shoe, instead of relying on the hot glue.


From there, I added a Eva foam sole to the bottom with this diamond tread stuff. I tried to plasti dip it, but that came off too easily. So I just Ultimately just stuck with the foam. I think I'm the future, I'll swap this out for a rubber sheet.

From there, I just had to attach the boot. I will say, there are probably better methods for adhesives to use to the outside of the tape. I used contact cement for the soles, but the boot armor itself, I found it only stuck with hot glue. I scored the tape, and the inside of the foam before hot gluing it down.



I hope this helps those of you trying to get a few more inches out of your Spartans! I think next time though, I am going to model the boots to be taller to account for this from the beginning. I just used the same boots from my current build.
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