piss off >.<

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im tired of seein that pop-up crap saying ''get your free halo 3 and xbox 360 elite!!!'' whos gone for it... WHO!? o_O
anywho if its been postid idc lock the thread and leave me be...eees.
darkesword2020 said:
Oh, but what does that have to do with these forums? Not trying to start a fight, just pure curiousity on my end.
nothin realy i just wanted to get it out.
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i've seen those too, i always laugh quietly to myself when i see them

"click now to receive your free copy of halo 3 and limited edition halo 3 xbox!"

I use to have that problem (not with this site though), you try a virus scan cuase that was the problem with mne before but not anymore cuz i got rid of it.
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