Planet Comicon Kansas City Info and Roll Call: March 21-23, 2025 (Kansas City, MO)


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Planet Comicon Kansas City is the region's largest and longest-running pop culture and comic book convention. Held annually at Bartle Hall, Kansas City’s Downtown Convention Center, Planet Comicon is an awe-inspiring pop culture extravaganza spanning nearly eight football fields and featuring more than 90 celebrity, cosplayer and comic creator guests. PCKC also features a wide range of pop culture merchandise, crafts, art and collectibles from more than 650 vendors, hundreds of hours of programming, an exciting cosplay showcase and a family-friendly interactive activity area called the Planet Entertainment Zone. It’s a galaxy of fun and adventure spread over three days!
The first Planet Comicon was held in 1999 in Overland Park, Kansas, and has grown into an epic extravaganza annually attended by 60,000+ fans from across the country. Planet Comicon features the best in comic books, as well as fantasy, sci fi and superhero television and film.

Weapons and Props Policy

Date: March 21-23, 2025

Kansas City Convention Center,
301 W 13th St
Kansas City, MO, 64105

Event Website:
Home Page • Planet Comicon Kansas City


Planet Comicon Hotel Info

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":
- Fallen
- JTF4
- SpartanSweed
- CrimsonViper97
- Randomname52
- SSGLordElmo
- SigmaProps
- CherriDragon
- Littlefoot1221

Tentative/Previous Attendees:
- NobleofDeath16
- BobRossIsMaDad
- Emp Frosty
- SGT Razor
- SSGLordBert
- Oddball422
- Spartan4204
- Spidermonkey60
- WandererTJ
- Skidmorpheus
- Barricade195
- CozmiqVixen
- HoundsOfMeath
- MaxImpactGaming
- skyranger72

Hotel Reservations: Under Construction

Badge Purchase: Under Construction

Dinner Plans:
Where: Yard House - view menu
Time: Saturday tentatively 8:00 PM

Photoshoot: Under Construction
Time: Saturday, March 22 @ 8:00 AM
We'll focus on getting group photos first so that those working the first booth shifts of the day can make it.

Plaza at corner of 13th St and Central St.
If inclement weather: meet outside of room 3501F

Previous Booth Info

Booth Info and Sign Ups

Sign up for booth shifts
Ideally there will be at least 2-3 people (1 at table, 1-2 at photo ops) for each shift if possible. If you sign up for a shift remember to show up on time for it. Don't leave your fellow members covering for you.

Load In/Set up:
We should be able to start getting loaded in and set up on Thursday the 7th between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM as well as some time to finish getting set up on Friday the 8th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Changing Area:
There will be a cosplay changing area for the guest cosplay groups and individuals. It will be room 2208. This room will be for various cosplay groups, so be respectful of the other groups sharing the space.

From the organizers: (emphasis added)
You can leave your gear box in the room at your own risk. Please take up as little space as possible so others can also leave their bags or boxes in there as well. This is a room set aside for you, not your family and friends. Just you and those we are inviting. Please respect these rules.

Photo Dump: Under Construction

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Be sure to include if you and any others with you plan to join for Saturday dinner at 8:00PM so that we can get an accurate headcount to preferably set up reservations.

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