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Before I begin: this isn't intended for those who can't be bothered to run their post through MSN Word or Firefox's spellcheck function before submission. I'm really sorry, but I'm not opening this idea up to people who have no idea of how to use capital letters, periods and basic grammar. It's in the board rules that you have to be literate to post in these forums, and I'm enforcing this in my topic. If you dislike this, then fair enough - come back to me once you've gotten past Debbie Does Dallas and we'll talk.

The reason for this will very shortly become apparent.

For those so inclined, I'm thinking of starting up a role-play based around the 405th in the larger Halo universe. This basically means we'll be playing out a storyline of our own creation.

Now, I'm not sure if people want to make this canon or not. Personally, I'm up for a bit of both - after all, how canonical is a pyrokinetic Borg-wolf? The Borg don't even belong in the Halo universe, so it's up to the jury to decide on that.

For those who wish to do this (however we decide), literacy is needed. We don't want you to be the next William Shakespeare, but please. If you can run your way through a Microsoft/Mac package, and get yourself signed up to a forum, then there's no excuse.


Your RP style is yours to decide. I've seen quite a few methods, and each works as well as the other. But, for the decency challenge, I'll post up a brief example of roleplay for you all to have a look at - this style is preferred, but not required. Please note the use of italics, which will be explained later.

Primal growled as he grasped the top of the ladder, sliding down instead of using the rungs and crouching as he hit the deck below to absorb some of the impact's shock, quickly springing back to his feet and sprinting down the corridors, all the time dodging the flying debris from hull ruptures and munitions explosions.

His ship was taking one hell of a battering, and without engaging the recently-implemented shields, the Excalibur would be done for.

With a light skid he rounded the corner and dived into Engineering, narrowly avoiding a falling deck brace - wincing as it crushed his alcove. That would have to be repaired later, but right now he had other, higher priority tasks to attend to.

Growling, he stood before the main computer core and extended his assimilation nodules, immediately interfacing with the unfamiliar UNSC technology. He casually brushed the firewalls and security protocols aside as he hunted for his goal - shield control. The tech had only recently been scavenged from adrift Covenant ships in orbit around Earth - a reminder of the recent, bloody Covenant-Human conflict.

Looking for something, are we?

Primal mentally sighed as the shipboard AI, Nelson, interrupted him. The AI was notoriously inquisitive - an extremely good tactician, but given to the irritating tendency of interrupting people.

Nelson, engage shielding. NOW. Before those bastards blow the **** out of us.

Certainly. Shielding engaged - Slipspace drive is online. Shall I jump?

Yes, for the love of God! Get us the hell OUT of here. ANYWHERE.

Following the Cole Protocol was useless now - it had been abandoned soon after the Covenant had found Earth. The alliance with the Elites meant some protection, but drawing this mysterious enemy to Sangheilios would have immediate ramifications. They'd have to go the long way around.

The distant thud of weapons striking the hull of his ship faded as the vessel leaped into Slipspace - Primal withdrew from the computer core and let out a relieved sigh. It was over... for now.

The Engineering door screeched open heavily and one of his crewmembers - a SPARTAN, decked out in full MJOLNIR armor - strode in, grinting as he grasped the brace and lifted it away to gain access to the Borg-wolf.

"Sir... what just happened?"

That should be a good enough example.

Italics are used to denote the storyline, and actions - basically, describe what goes on here. Primal walked down the road.
Bold is used for non-standard speakers - AI, and the like. Certainly, sir. Scanning in progress.
Underlined text is used for secondary non-standard speakers - to divide more than one secondary speaker. Get off my bridge!

Should you wish to make this a reality, please post your ideas. If I get a good following here, I'll start. If not, I'll keep my ideas strictly as a non-canon fiction.
This seems like a good idea. I know I havn't been part of the 405th very long, but I do like RP's. I'd be interested if you do it. By larger Halo universe I assume you mean more than following Master Chief around while he blasts the hell out of aliens. Maybe where the other SPARTANs are or generic Marines. Anyway it's a good idea.
I liked your example! I thought, "Hey, this book seems interesting..." Shortly afterwards I realized it wasn't a book. Then I cried, and a little bit of me died. Anyway, I would like to join this. However, I don't know much of the halo lore/plot because I never played past the first one on PC. The 405th seems like a good group of people to role play with.

Oh yes, regarding RP styles, I tend to do it just like writing a book. Occasionally I will stick a (OOC: Yadda, yadda yadda) in.
Crap... if this happens Silent Cartographer will be screwed even more...

EDIT: Cholo... your sig makes me laugh...

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Aww Primal Weyland I totally got into your short story line thigny there..... i must have MORE! :]

oh btw i would like to join in this RP thing but .....im not a good writer at all... :cautious:

I TOTALLY SUPORT THE IDEA THOUGH!!!!! <33333333333333333333
Oh, yeah, Primal, you have skills!

Here is an example of my RPing:

Seno heard about some kind of ruckus going on around the area he had just left.

"Let's go see what's going on," Seno said, flying the banshee back toward his group of warriors.

Seno first approached the Jackal that Asol had demanded not to fire, "What's going on?" Seno asked the Jackal.

The Jackal, scared stiff, pointed a boney finger toward the two Elites, with one threatening death to another. "Stay here," Seno told the Jackal, who looked rather relieved that he didn't have to battle.

As Seno walked closer, he knew who the two elites were, finally, Asol, and one of his better men, Luegim.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Seno said, directing it toward Asol, "You see, there are two things in this universe I hate," Seno looked at the Elite right in the eyes, "One of those is humans," Seno exclaimed, but then he got more fierce, "And the other-" Seno tried to finish, until he sensed a Grunt approach from behind, trying to stage an attack. Seno with a quick, almost instinctive motion, reached down and grabbed his Plasma Rifle from its holster on his side, and, only moving the arm and finger that the rifle was in, shot two shots of high temperature plasma into the Grunt's methane air dome, then the sound of methane starting to burst out into the air. This was followed by the Grunt desperately strangling for air, then followed by a short "thump" as the Grunt's lifeless corpse collapsed and hit the ground. Seno then returned to his message without the smallest change of expression on his face, "And the other," he repeated, "Which I hate even more, is a traitor."

Seno reached into the other holster and pulled out a small handle, pushed the button, and watched as two hot, blue energy blades shot out of the side of it.

"You want to fight?" Seno said, as a smile finally came to his face, "THEN LET'S FIGHT!"

Seno then heard the cheers of his fellow comrades, as they all shouted in unison "Heretic, Heretic, Heretic" repeatedly as Seno charged at Asol.

Yeah, I suck :D
Seno 'Ypsamee said:
Crap... if this happens Silent Cartographer will be screwed even more...
EDIT: Cholo... your sig makes me laugh...
If you believe that good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, are all important and significant in life, then join the CGOG (Campaign for Good Online Grammar). Paste this in your signature.


I noticed that shortly after copy-pasting it, but I left it to see if anyone would notice it. Only you have, so far. :)
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Hey, I'm up for a bit of RPing. My styles more like ordinary writing, with speech in"", secondary characters in bold or underlined, and thoughts in italics.
My profile:
Name: John Edwards
Callsign: Helios
Profession: Staff Sergent in the UNSC Marine Corp
Bio: John is somewhat kind and reasonably intelligent, with a flair for tactics. He, not believing himself intelligent or reasourceful enough to be an officer, enlisted at eighteen, and was quickly promoted. He has refused several offers of promotion or reassignment, believing his place is with his squad. His squad was recently assigned to the UNSC frigate, Banewulf, which was believed destroyed in the recent Covenant assult on Wooten Major. However, the Banewulf was sucked into a Slipspace wormhole, believed to be caused by the arrival of Covenant re-enforcements. the Banewulf is now floating at an unknown starsystem, on an unknown vector, in unknown condition.
cholo71796 said:
However, I don't know much of the halo lore/plot because I never played past the first one on PC.

check out UNSCDF


they do article on various things in the Halo universe.....err my clan has their old unscdf.net domain name, so don't bother with that

also I would love to join but my free time is now going towards explodring Second Life and checking out the RPs within it
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Searching database, "Eerie 'Eelomee".......
Found 1 Result(s):

Name: Eeri 'Eelomee

Species: Elite

Location: Battle Group: Sanctified Forge, Cruiser: Splendor's Vengeance
Last transmission: orbit of Installation 001

Rank: Special Ops, (Recently Upgraded)

Service Record:(Most Recent First)
2554 - Current: Operation Wipe Clean (In Progress...)
2552 - 2554: Training and Collaborative efforts with Humans
2552: Destruction of Installation 000 (the Ark)
2552: Defense of Human Planet Earth
2552: Battle of Installation 005 (Delta Halo)
2552: Invasion of Human Planet Earth
2552: Invasion of Human Planet Reach
2547 - 2551: Indoctrination and Academy

Armor Class: Special Ops, Overcharged shields, Active Camouflage: Special Ops

Operator Class: All Lightweight and Heavy Armor excluding Scarab Tanks. Aircraft: Banshee, Seraph, Spirit, Phantom, Dropship, and Stealth Corvette.

Eerie came from a long line of combat hardened elites. He is a very strong and brave soldier.
Eerie fought against the demon on Delta Halo and even fought along side the Arbiter and demon after Instillation 005.
Eerie was one of the last soldiers evacuated before the destruction of the Ark by the Arbiter and the demon and was reportedly dragged onto the last dropship.
Eerie was elected among others to represent Elites in our interspecies collaborative efforts.
Recent recon missions have indicated that Covenant remnants have began to gather and mobilize. A new operation "Wipe Clean" was started as the first official Human/Elite operation, with effort to investigate and destroy the remaining rings and Covenant.
Eerie was chosen for a promotion to Special Ops and assigned to the Splendor's Vengeance, one of the battle cruisers associated with Operation "Wipe Clean"
helios said:
Hey, I'm up for a bit of RPing. My styles more like ordinary writing, with speech in"", secondary characters in bold or underlined, and thoughts in italics.


I tend to use the same sort of style myself; I find it reads more like an actual novel.

I use the quotations for the characters' dialogue (both primary and secondary) and indicate at the end of that line who's speaking, and put a character's thoughts in italics. Everything else -- scene descriptions, actions -- and typed with unaltered/unedited text.

Of course, for the sake of keeping the community's RPG as non-confusing as possible, it might be a good idea to try and stick to the same writing style. Keep it standard... :whistle:

EDIT: I actually got involved in another HALO-themed RPG on another site, but I don't think it lasted very long. Hell, I don't even know if they still have it listed. I can't seem to find any posts of mine from it yet, which is a shame as I really liked the character profile I'd written up there...
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