Possible new Campaign screenshot....New Details/Texture!

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Lt Ambrose

Hmmm....Looks nice and all, but I've gotta say I enjoyed the gritty texture of the armor in the other pic better....Just seemed better, more accurate. Still nice though, everyone loves shiney stuff....

The Ragin Pagan

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I dunno, I like the smooth armor effect. Makes it seem more finished and less wrought iron. Also, I plan to pick up my Halo 3 Legendary Edition in costume. Driving to the store in it, too.

Spartan 270

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HALO 3!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE!!!! OMG i had a dream last night i went to the store and i saw Halo 3 floating in the center. I reached out to grab it and when i touched the case i woke up. HALO 3!!!!!

Sean Bradley

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From tonights Weekly Update:

Bungie Wrote:
Then there was the complaint that it was different than the model shown at E3. Well it was, but only in that we replaced the “concrete”
hammered finish texture with a flatter metal version that the artists here preferred, and was more akin to the previous iterations of the Spartan
MJOLNIR metal.
Otherwise the model is identical. It’s literally the same geometry.
Texture questions solved....

They didn't say anything about the AR though....
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