Pretty Ridiculous Armor (Cardboard)

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Now that it is letting me start threads, thanks to who ever fixed that, I can show off my costume.

EDIT: Sorry about posting it in a new topic, my computer ain't the best machine in the world and it crashed when I tried to upload the other thread. I thought it didn't go through. My Bad.

Basically, this is a quickly assembled work for a HALOween party, get it? It is constructed of cardboard, foam padding, sleeping pad, ducttape, and ,of course, my wooden helmet.

Check it out!

Frontal picture, not the best shot

A posed shot, I think it looks good :p

Aaaannnnnddd the last thing you see before a beat down.

The armor turned out better than I thought it would and, like all my other stuff, looks better in person than my camera will allow.

Let me know what you guys think,
I dont know that helmet just doesnt look right... the chin part sticks out a bunch... over all its pretty sweet, i wish i could have gotten my armor done for haloween...
Yay, the helmet is a little off but all the people in my neighborhood seem to like it. The armor was not as, um, durable as I would like. The codpiece got pent out of shape insanely when I tried to squat/sit. The shins and codpiece are 3D, being foam padding sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard for the codpiece or just taped to a single piece for the shins. The shoulders, wrists, and thighs are made of sleeping pad, which is fairly cheap and very easy to work with. All of the red, except the helmet, is duct tape.

Still working on the shoulder symbol...

Not open for further replies.