Printable 405th Posters!

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Welcome guys! I'm making posters that you can print. Hand them out at cons, stick them up in your room, place them wherever!

I will slowly release more over time. They are in the 8X11 format so you can easily print them.
Here is our first "Recruiting Poster-Out of World" stick them up at cons (Comic-Con, you know) or put them in your local school, etc...
Why don't we... When we have enough... get a booth at a con... That's what the 501st had this year at the one in rosemont... Now my brother is so into it and wants to get armor... :\

There's inspired me to make my own since I saw no spartans there... :)
tehronin said:
comic-con ftw

me, fallen angel and some other ppl can take care of comic-con =P

See he understands what I'm saying... :p... FTW

Why so big??? Theres not even that much info on them... Why not... Like... 4 on one sheet... Like 3.5in by 5in...
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